Can't stop finding and buying great vintage clothing, on both sides of the Atlantic!

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***Re-opening July 7, 2021***

18 Cabarrus Ave. East, downtown Concord, NC 28025

History of galaxievintage:
I started wearing and collecting vintage clothing in the mid-80s as a punk rock / goth kid of 14. When the movie "Pretty in Pink" came out, my friends started calling me Andie (after Molly Ringwald's character, who has the greatest thrift/DIY style ever!) I basically lived at Salvation Army, Goodwill, flea markets, or anywhere else great vintage clothing could be found. Back then it was cheap and plentiful, now not so much. 

I opened my first store, Galaxie Vintage, in Orlando in 1996, at the same time my friends and I were publishing our magazine called Bitch Rag.  We spent a lot of time promoting  the magazine, the crazy parties we had to support the magazine, and the shop.  It all tied into the foggy haze of half-forgotten fun that was the 90s.  After a real estate dispute, I closed the store and went online, selling on that *other* well-known e-commerce site on and off since 1998.

I have since lived in New York City, then Germany, where I got my MBA in 2009. I had a full-time day job but could not stop buying fabulous vintage - how could I pass up that perfect dress just because it wasn't my size/style/era?  Surely I can find the perfect new owner for it.

So I started my etsy shop while I was still working full-time. When I ran out of storage space for these treasures in my apartment (and ran out of patience with my corporate job!), I opened a physical store in Hannover, Germany at the end of 2016 called galaxievintage, as a tribute to my first store in the 90s.  

Unfortunately that location proved to not be great for vintage clothing, so I closed that shop at the end of 2019 and went back to only selling online.  But life is strange, and just as I was researching selling in person at antique markets or events,  the Covid-19 panic hit Germany full force.  I fled back to the US in early March 2020, right before the travel restrictions went into effect, to be closer to my family and boyfriend.

Now I have another shop in downtown Concord, North Carolina (outside of Charlotte), featuring vintage clothing and accessories, as well as furniture, housewares, and whatever other vintage treasures I find in my travels.  I will post my weekly opening hours here once it re-opens in July so if you are in the area, please stop by and say hi.

I am in the proces of clearing out my apartment full of vintage clothing and accessories in Hannover, Germany.  Some things will be brought back to the US, others will be sold over there.  These items will be posted here and will be in the Concord store.

To my customers and vintage lovers around the world who have supported me - you make the "hunt" worthwhile! I think of you when I am dragging my huge heavy suitcase around a muddy field at a flea market at 5 AM. 

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