Can't stop finding and buying great vintage clothing, on both sides of the Atlantic!

VISIT galaxievintage Hannover, thru Sept. 30, 2019
Angerstrasse 7, corner / Ecke Angerstr. u. Hallerstr.
30161 Hannover, in Lister Meile/Oststadt  Tel. 0151 215 07389
Appointments available,  just phone / SMS / WhatsApp me.  Much of the time I am working upstairs in my apartment and will gladly come downstairs to let customers in.
Termine gerne nach telefonischer / SMS / WhatsApp / E-Mail Vereinbarung.  Manchmals arbeite ich oben in meiner Wohnung und komme gerne unten, um Kunden reinzulassen.

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History of galaxievintage:
I started wearing and collecting vintage clothing in the mid-80s as a punk rock / goth kid of 14. When the movie "Pretty in Pink" came out, my friends started calling me Andie (after Molly Ringwald's character, who has the greatest thrift/DIY style ever!) I basically lived at Salvation Army, Goodwill, flea markets, or anywhere else great vintage clothing could be found. Back then it was cheap and plentiful, now not so much. 

I opened my first store, Galaxie Vintage, in Orlando in 1996, at the same time my friends and I were publishing our magazine called Bitch Rag.  We spent a lot of time promoting  the magazine, the crazy parties we had to support the magazine, and the shop.  It all tied into the foggy haze of half-forgotten fun that was the 90s.  After a real estate dispute, I closed the store and went online, selling on that *other* well-known e-commerce site on and off since 1998.

I have since lived in New York City, then Germany, where I got my MBA in 2009. I had a full-time day job but could not stop buying fabulous vintage - how could I pass up that perfect dress just because it wasn't my size/style/era?  Surely I can find the perfect new owner for it.

So I started my etsy shop while I was still working full-time. When I ran out of storage space for these treasures in my apartment (and ran out of patience with my corporate job!), I opened a physical store here in Hannover at the end of 2016 called galaxievintage, as a tribute to my first store in the 90s.

The market for vintage clothing certainly has changed a lot since I first started selling it. I find now that having a physical shop open to the public at set hours makes it more difficult for me to travel to find these amazing items, list them online where they reach a worldwide market, and get them out to their new owners. It also makes up a significant amount of my operating expenses, and while I wish I could keep it as a storage space, I would rather have that money free to buy new inventory.  So after a few break-ins, several more calls to the police, and a stalking incident where my friend almost beat someone with a baseball bat, I'm over the idea of having an actual store. 

So retail as I know it will change once again at the end of September, when galaxievintage moves upstairs into my apartment. I will continue selling online on my website, on ebay DE and ebay US (also as galaxievintage), and here on etsy (as ExpatriateVintage). I might also sell in person at vintage markets or other events. If it happens, I will post information about that here on etsy and on I will also have a branch of galaxievintage shipping out of the US soon, offering many great vintage items from Europe and other places. This will make heavy things like winter coats more affordable to ship to US buyers.

To my customers and vintage lovers around the world who have supported me - you make the "hunt" worthwhile! I think of you when I am dragging my huge heavy suitcase around a muddy field at a flea market at 5 AM. 
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Kali Webb
Angerstrasse 7
30161 Hannover

Telefon:  015121507389
E-Mail:   galaxievintage7 [!at]

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